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2023’s 30 Greatest Gaming Affiliate Programs

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From the early 1990s, when it first started to increase in size, the worldwide online gaming sector has been on an upward trend with steadily increasing revenue. In 2020, it should bring in around US$18 billion. It was unaffected even by the Covid-19 pandemic, which had a significant impact on a number of sectors. Even the gaming sector saw an uptick as a result of the epidemic as consumers resorted to various digital entertainment options to pass the time during those protracted lockdowns.

There is undoubtedly a sizable enough market to target in the online gaming area with over 900M online gamers worldwide. However, despite having the potential to be lucrative, the online gaming niche is frequently disregarded, much like the anime niche.

Most likely as a result of its “special interest” nature. You won’t truly hesitate to promote online gaming items and its connected services unless you are a gamer yourself, or at the absolute least, someone who plays online and mobile games.

Even yet, if you’re not a fan of online gaming, stick around and look at our list of suggested gaming affiliate programs. These might influence your opinion of the game industry.

You’ll at least be aware that there is yet another market to research and profit from.

Top Tier Affiliate Programs for Gaming

The top ten gaming affiliate programs available right now are listed below. It consists of a variety of games, gaming techniques, and accessories.

PCs for gaming and other accessories

Sports and online gaming aren’t that unlike from one another. Both can be physically demanding, and both require high-quality gear to play and succeed.


There is no need to introduce this brand. Microsoft produces and sells XBOX gaming consoles in addition to a variety of apps and its operating system.

In addition to FlexOffers and Tradedoubler, you may access their affiliate program through Rakuten. Their biggest commission, which goes toward sales of their XBOX and related titles, is 7%.

1% to 7% commission
Cookie lifecycle: 14 days
Rakuten is an affiliate network.


NVIDIA is a leader in computer graphics and a dominant brand in its industry. Since then, they have expanded beyond computer graphics chips to include gaming laptops and monitors.

2% commission
Cookie lifetime is 45 days.
Rakuten is an affiliate network.

Game Astro

offers premium gaming gear, including mixamps, controllers, and other items, all of which may be customized.

5% commission
Cookie Timeframe: 30 days
Effect of an affiliate network

Shell Beach

They produce and market gaming controllers, headphones, and other accessories.

30 day cookie duration; 4% commission
CJ Affiliate is an affiliate network.


The typical selection of PCs, laptops, and other computer accessories are produced and sold by them. Predator is the name of their top-of-the-line gaming computer.

14-day cookie duration; 4% commission
Network of Affiliates: Commission Junction


Alienware, a division of the computer behemoth Dell, designs and produces high-end gaming laptops and peripherals.

1.5% commission
Cookie lifetime: three days
Network of Affiliates: FlexOffers


The website of Corsair, a top producer of gaming equipment, streaming accessories, and PC components, serves as a gathering place for players and content producers.

Cookie: 1% commission Timeframe: 30 days
Effect of an affiliate network

GO Alpha

Many high-quality racing simulators, cockpit chairs, and gaming chairs. Also, they sell gaming accessories like mouse pads and floor mats.

Cookie Commission: 5% Period: —-
In-House Affiliate Network


Among the best games created and released by Ubisoft are Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Rainbow Six. They also provide a membership option that enables you to play their new games first.

Cookie: 3% commission Timeframe: 30 days
Effect of an affiliate network


Custom-built gaming laptops and PCs are available from US-based Origin.

Once a part of the CJ Affiliate network, it appears that they are currently managing their affiliate program independently. Apart from the signup form and their prerequisites, there isn’t much information on their affiliates page.

Cookie for the commission Period: —-
Partner Network: In-House

Secret Laboratory

Hidden Lab designs and distributes sturdy, ergonomic gaming seats that guarantee hours of enjoyable gaming for gamers and streamers.

$10 in commission on a cookie Timeframe: 7 days
Network of Affiliates: Refersion

e-commerce sites for games

These are the one-stop shops where gamers may purchase their everyday needs in games, technology, and equipment.


They provide a huge selection of collectibles, mobile devices, and games.

5% commission
Cookie lifetime: one day
Rakuten is an affiliate network.

Gamer Green Man

They provide digital partnerships and publishing services for game developers and producers in addition to being an online gaming store.

5% commission
Cookie lifetime: thirty days
CJ Affiliate is an affiliate network.


A treasure trove for PC gamers with its enormous selection of downloadable games

5% commission
Cookie lifetime: thirty days
CJ Affiliate is an affiliate network.


Over 20 years in the business, CDKeys has been providing digital codes, top-up, and expansion packs to gamers at affordable costs.

Cookie Commission: 5% Period: —-
In-House Affiliate Network


As their name implies, they provide a comparable service to CDKeys. There are

Cookie life span: 30 days Commission: 8% to 20%
In-House Affiliate Network

Store SEGA

This store doesn’t carry any online games. Instead, they provide a large selection of souvenirs and toys that include well-known SEGA characters like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Moreover, SEGA Shop UK, a distinct store with its own affiliate network, is available in the UK.

30 day cookie duration; 7% commission
CJ Affiliate is an affiliate network.


Wargaming, the company behind the free MMO games World of Tanks and World of Warships, is not an internet retailer per se.

Players can purchase unique vehicles and add more in-game currency in their premium shop.

Cookie Duration: —- Commission: $1 to $7.50
In-House Affiliate Network


Kinguin is a marketplace for online games where users may buy and sell games, not just an online store.

Cookie Commission: 5% Timeframe: 7 days
In-House Affiliate Network

Platforms for Streaming and Online Gaming

As there aren’t many game streaming platforms, you won’t find many affiliate programs in this category.


When new affiliate programs for game streaming platforms are launched, we’ll make sure to update this list.


a well-known gaming streaming service where users may make money by broadcasting gameplay live. Before you can sign up for their affiliate program, you first need to become a streamer.

Depending on whether you receive advertising, bits, or new subscribers, your commission will change.
Length of cookies: —-
Internal affiliate network

Marketing Strategy

Improve your link-building tactics to draw more players to your website.

The difficult process of link development and inbound marketing is now at hand. This can also be contracted out to experts for a charge, just like content creation. Go ahead and outsource if you have the resources. To be able to track the link-building activity being done on your site, you should have at least a rudimentary awareness of how SEO, link-building, and marketing work.

No matter if you outsource, make sure you have a link-building plan in place. This might be given to the individual who will build links for you. You at least have a reference when it comes to directing visitors to your website.

Use of social media

Facebook has begun broadcasting video games directly from their system. Watch the feeds of these game streamers and interact with them by leaving comments. Provide timely updates and pertinent information, and then link back to your own website.

The likelihood of making a deal increases as website traffic increases.

Content Management

You might assume that since your website is about online gaming, you won’t need to worry too much about content. But, you do since there is a lot to learn about games. For example, a useful tip on how to get beyond a challenging level. A new game review is something that players frequently watch out for.

Having a plan for your website’s content, from research to publication on your site, is referred to as content strategy. When you have a strategy, you have time to consider the type of content you should post on your website between updates.

Forum and blog comments

Although this process takes some time, the results are long-lasting, making the work worthwhile. You can participate in numerous gaming forums to network with players and share advice.

It’s a fantastic resource for learning about the online gaming industry. You may learn which games are popular and which search terms are frequently used in connection with particular games.

Affiliate programs for gaming: Not for Kids

It resembles The Queen’s Gambit more. The game is all about strategy.

With so much rivalry, the online gaming market is undoubtedly not for the faint of heart. This niche necessitates meticulous preparation and strategy. It’s true for all niches, but it’s especially true for the gaming industry because: first, there are a lot of gaming websites out there, and they almost certainly have content that is similar to yours, so you need to be creative with the content you publish on your site; and second, you need to be clever with your link building and the way you drive traffic to your site. Bring visitors who are interested in playing and subscribing to games, not just anyone.

So, this market is not for the timid. Your commissions will be respectable. This is not the niche for you, though, if you’re seeking for something more significant than a few dollars each sale.

Take your pick from the aforementioned options if you run a website concerning games or gaming that hasn’t been made profitable. Starting to make money from your website is never too late.

The Niche of the Week for this week, I hope you’ve enjoyed it! Would you be open to entering this market? Do you wish to see any specific markets covered here? Simply let me know by leaving a comment!

PS: You may now easily construct your own niche website by purchasing our best-selling affiliate marketing course. To get a jump start on your affiliate marketing career, enroll in our AffiloBlueprint course right away!

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