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KFC Breaks Up With Utensils in New ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ Ad


Sincere apologies are hard to come by in this world, but every now and again, a brand is compelled to express public remorse. For KFC Canada, the time has finally come for a reckoning with all the utensils left behind by its “finger lickin’ good” chicken.

The “finger lickin’ good” tagline has been with the brand since it was first uttered as an off-the-cuff remark made by a store manager in the 1950s. KFC Canada is taking the phrase to heart, apologizing for all the utensils left sitting in drawers, with its “Sorry, Utensils” campaign created by agency Courage.

This is portrayed through a film that plays off the sorrow experienced by these abandoned spoons, forks and, yes, even sporks. Helmed by director Henry Scholfield to the soundtrack of Air Supply’s classic heartbreak jam “All Out of Love,” the spot cleverly posits itself as a cinematic breakup video while also spotlighting its “finger lickin’” menu items.

Several different consumers enjoy KFC items like a bucket of fried chicken, fried chicken tenders and an array of gravies and dipping sauces, while devastated silverware gazes on.

Utensils take an L

“’It’s Finger Lickin’ Good’ is one of the most famous taglines in the world, which is exciting because it’s so iconic, but also a bit intimidating because there have been decades of great ads that have already used it,” Joel Holtby, co-founder of Courage, said in a statement. “With this campaign, I hope we found a way to bring this very familiar tagline to life in a way that feels fresh and unexpected.”

This is KFC Canada’s biggest brand campaign to date and the latest in a season of aggressive marketing for the once-quiet brand. The apology tour kicks off with the hero film and will continue through print, social media and out-of-home elements. 

“Whilst our taste leadership hasn’t changed, we offer modern ways to satisfy your KFC craving—from our classic chicken, to sandwiches and wraps, and we wanted to showcase this throughout the creative,” added Katherine Bond-Debicki, CMO at KFC Canada.




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