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Why Intent Data Is Important

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The digital sphere has evolved. It probably seems strange to B2B marketers compared to the world we once knew.

But this is the name of the game, and for many of the competitors, the terrain is going to shift once more.

The B2B Environment is About to Change Seismically

No matter what we do, the pandemic’s aftereffects are unavoidable. Of course, everything changed after COVID. The way our marketing is applied has undergone significant shift for digital marketers.

Several marketing targets lost their simplicity when people worked from home. Vendors have to act and think more nimbly as a result of budget cuts. Email was included in the established spray and pray channels’ deafening silence, but it wasn’t yielding the same results.

The occasions and actions of the last 36 months, however, have merely served as an appetizer for the main course that lies ahead.

Arise Sandman

B2B marketers may either excited or terrified at the mere mention of Google. They are the digital alpha and omega, the boogeyman, and the keeper of the keys.

They really do hold the majority of the cards on the Internet, if not all of them in some cases.

This fact hangs over the sector, and whether the sector is ready for it or not, Google will ultimately take one of the most important decisions in its illustrious history: Deprecate third-party cookies. According to the company’s current timeline, they won’t move until late 2024.

Yet whenever it occurs, the current digital ecosystem will be severely upended. Using this information to connect with their audience and prospects, third-party cookies have helped generations of marketers learn their craft.

What path will marketers take here? Naturally, you can’t put off making decisions until the very last minute. Well before your competitors even start to turn, you want to be in the lead.

Actually, you should strive to be more…intentional.

highlighting the importance of intent data

Intent data will become increasingly popular in the coming years as third-party cookies go extinct. B2B marketers will therefore need to have a concrete resource to rely on.

That is exactly what intent data is.

In order to be more precise, buyer-level intent data is just that.

Buyer-level intent, also known as buyer intent data, is the indicator of a prospect’s willingness to make a purchase within a specific timeframe.

Based on a set of indications a prospect displayed during their digital buying journey, this computation was made.

Data on intent is important because it is based on actual actions. It is not a collection of disparate, frequently out-of-date data, but rather

To be completely honest, intent data—especially buyer-level intent data—has and will continue to have a greater influence on and benefit for B2B marketers than third-party cookies ever did.

Effect of Intent Data Already Exists

Getting visibility into the buyer behaviors that really matter involves having access to data on buyer-level intent.

Marketers will no longer have to speculate as to what a potential customer may or may not have been thinking when they viewed a website’s homepage. They won’t have to make a guess as to whether a website visitor is a real prospect or not, either!

In contrast, consumer activities will be recognized, recorded, and weighted using intent data.

What Intention Data Removes

Benefits of utilizing buyer-level intent data are numerous. First off, there are a few marketing components that intent data quickly neutralizes.


One of the biggest net positives of intent data—which we’ve stated several times throughout this essay—is the elimination of guesswork.

Take into account all the time you and your coworkers have spent speculating about whether someone who reads your blog would ever transition from a mere browser to an actual prospect. Imagine if, instead, you could use that time to target the people who have actually expressed a genuine interest in your solutions by looking at intent signals. How much would your process and result be more effective and efficient?

Ineffective Data

The idea of data excites marketers. Not as much, at least not in the same way that marketing experts do, are sales representatives.

Scavenger hunts to test the curiosity of leads are not something sales professionals are interested in doing because they have a challenging job to do. They seek comprehensive information that describes their target audience, their problems, and any potential buying points.

Data from third-party cookies is frequently insufficient and contextless. Contextualized data on buyer-level intent is available.

Single-Size Approach to Outreach

Speaking of inactionable data, the one-size-fits-all strategy is one of its most significant results. No one enjoys being a number in a sea of “everyone,” whether it be by email, display, phone calls, or texts.

Speaking with the individual who wants to hear from you directly is made possible through intent data.

Yes, there will be many instances where a general statement is appropriate and applicable to everyone. But, working with intent data gives you the exceptional chance to stop speculating about something’s relevance and start knowing it for sure.

How Intent Data Can Be Used

At the other extreme of the spectrum, intent data offers a variety of benefits.


Anyone who raises their hand indicates interest. Buyer-level intent data provides verifiable proof of those who have raised their hands.

The right idea of who should be reached first and whose timeframe is the most urgent is provided by intent data to marketing and sales teams. This gives the prospect the attention they need and deserve while saving these professionals a significant amount of time.

Personalized Messaging

You know how it feels to receive something that was especially made for you? In the field of B2B marketing, intent data enables this.

B2B professionals can design and offer authentic 1:1 experiences for their prospects by illuminating precisely what a prospect is looking for, what they’re dealing with, and the types of material they’ve been examining.

Enhanced Sales Results

Sales can shine when everything comes together.

In the end, this is what matters most. During B2BMX 2023, David Fortino, Chief Strategy Officer at NetLine, said that if you can deliver the who through buyer-level intent data, you’re actually speeding up the sales process.

What more could you possibly want?

The B2B Landscape is Shifting Because to Intent Data

The search for cleaner, more useful data never ends. We are that much closer thanks to intent data, particularly buyer-level intent data from first-party sources.

Finally, the experience of your prospects and customers counts, thus intent data is important. It matters how you prepare and support your team. Data sourcing methodology crucial. When it comes to intent data, all of these components are standard.

And it is because of these factors that we are so confident that buyer-level intent data will remain a mainstay in the Marketing division for many years to come.


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