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You Didn’t Know You Needed These 7 Amazing April Newsletter Ideas

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It can be challenging to come up with newsletter ideas certain months.

April, thankfully, is not one of those months.

There is no shortage of inspiration for email campaigns with holidays like Easter, April 1st, and tax season on the schedule. And if that wasn’t enough, Mother’s Day and college commencements are quickly approaching.

So, it should come as no surprise that April typically has one of the highest average open rates for email marketing of any month, at 20.86 percent.

It also has the second-highest click-through rate, incidentally. So, individuals aren’t only opening promotional emails; they’re also acting on them.)

Yet as you are aware, email marketing offers little assurances. Your top-level campaign concepts still need to be transformed into persuading emails that increase sales.

To make your life a bit easier, I selected seven of my favorite April email ideas from Drip’s ecommerce marketing swipe file.

I have returned with the following.


1. Conduct an April Fools’ Day sale using Vinomofo

Let’s begin with a debate-worthy subject: April 1st.

Whether brands (or anyone else, for that matter) should participate in the “fun” is a contentious issue.

According to a YouGov survey conducted in 2021, while 47% of US adults find April Fool’s Day bothersome, 45% think it funny. The only age group that found it more amusing than bothersome was under 30.

In contrast, a more recent (but still intriguing) survey from Ask Your Target Market found that 24% of respondents typically appreciate it when brands participate in April Fool’s Day practical jokes and 27% outright despise it.

Overall, it’s better to stay out of the situation, right?

The stunning title “45 Percent of Americans Have Not Felt Genuine Happiness for More Than Two Years” from more recent research by Oracle suggests that:

91 percent of consumers choose humorous brands.
72 percent of consumers would pick a humorous brand over the opposition.

To deceive or not to deceive? The query is that.

Like with anything marketing-related, the solution is totally dependent on your target market.

According to a YouGov study, younger customers are more likely to appreciate an April Fool’s email. Even so, we still advise avoiding playing practical jokes on your clients. Because there is a thin line between delivering a joke and giving off the impression that you are defrauding people.

As Vinomofo did in my first April newsletter example, try surprising your audience with a flash sale as an alternative. The April Fool’s theme is included into the subject line of the online wine retailer’s opening message, which also teases the possibility of a surprise discount:

Emojis function well in this situation as well, making the email stand out in a crowded inbox.

Vinomofo makes it apparent that this is a legitimate sale after gaining the click:

A 75% discount is unquestionably enticing enough to entice people to click through and discover more.


2. Inspire a Spring Wardrobe Update with Black Goat Cashmere

The arrival of spring always seems to take a very long time after the chilly winter months.

By the time April arrives, though, it is officially come, therefore you should encourage your audience to update their clothing in preparation for the new season.

There is only one minor issue:

There is a very small window of opportunity for spring fashion.

Google Trends shows that search traffic peaks in mid-March and then dramatically declines in mid-April:

So, it pays sense to spread your message as early as possible and aggressively promote your spring collection before interest wanes.

Black Goat Cashmere is aware of this. It contacted clients with an email in April 2022 that had the following subject line:

I appreciate this message because it captures the relief that warmer days have finally arrived, which is something that many of us are experiencing.

After this solid start, the company presents some of its top springtime fashion picks:

I really enjoy how the products are presented in this email as spring and summer apparel, which keeps them current for longer. That was a wise move.


3. Torrid: Promote summer-themed merchandise now

The fact that searches for “summer fashion” start to rise regularly from mid-April on highlights the issue with marketing spring clothing and accessories:

In other words, just as interest in spring-themed clothes peaks, it immediately turns to summer.

It makes sense why fashion marketers are constantly active.

Torrid, a plus-size clothing retailer, certainly received the message. It has moved its emphasis from spring messaging to summer-themed merchandise by late April 2022:

In fact, a brief scan of our swipe file reveals that in the second half of the month, the brand’s emails had more than one-quarter references to the summer (despite making no mention of spring).

Of course, the height of summer isn’t truly in April.

Torrid bases their marketing on preparing for major, thrilling summer events (like vacations).

Customers will have a motivation to purchase now rather than wait a few more weeks for the weather to warm up even more as a result.


4. Promote Easter with Nordic Nest (As Early As Possible)

Retailers take Easter very seriously.

Four out of every five American homes celebrate Easter, and the average household will spend over $192 doing so in 2023, totaling $24 billion in spending, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).

That amounts to around the same amount of spending as Valentine’s Day when compared to other significant retail holidays.

You only think of one thing when you consider your Easter spending: chocolate. Predictably, sweets will be the most common Easter purchase, with 90% of consumers planning to do so (and 89 percent planning some sort of food purchase).

Yet, not all of our spending is motivated by hunger, with 50% splashing out on décor, 53% planning a clothing purchase, and 65% planning to buy gifts.

Hence, participating in Easter is almost certainly worthwhile. Easter presents chances for businesses across a variety of areas.

Let’s now discuss timeframes.

According to Google Trends data, there is a considerable lead-up, with searches for Easter shopping increasing consistently throughout February and March before peaking in the week before Easter Sunday:

So, it is beneficial to begin spreading Easter messages as early as possible—certainly by early April.

In this Easter email sample, which was delivered on April 2, 2022, Nordic Nest got it right:

The entire focus of this establishment—from the cuisine and drink to the décor and entertainment—is inspiration.

Due to a strong call to action that directs readers to the brand’s exclusive Easter collection, the email ends up feeling both helpful and decidedly non-salesy.


5. One Kings Lane: Highlight Expensive Home Decor Buys

The greatest month of the year to advertise major purchases is probably April.

Why? due to the season for tax returns and refunds.

By the time April rolls around, the vast majority of Americans, according to the NRF, have already submitted their tax forms.

This is great news for shops since the IRS typically provides tax refunds within 21 days and 59 percent of consumers anticipate receiving one in 2023.

Or, to put it another way, a lot of people discover that they are (relatively) wealthy every April.

Realistically, the majority of Americans intend to use their tax refunds to increase their savings, reduce their debt, or pay for regular costs.

Nonetheless, one in five are preparing to make a “big” or “splurge” purchase, while one in nine are preparing to make house improvements.

Hence, if I were in charge of marketing for a company that sells home décor, I would definitely direct my April messaging toward promoting large-ticket purchases.

And that is what One Kings Lane accomplished in my following April newsletter illustration:

Customers are encouraged to purchase expensive furniture items like mattresses and dressers, and the mention of a 20 percent discount encourages them to do so.

There’s a decent chance you’d open and follow the link in this email if you were in the market for a trendy new bedroom and had a sizable tax refund burning a hole in your pocket.


The Sill: Remind People About Mother’s Day

In keeping with major shopping holidays, April is a good time to start advertising Mother’s Day, which is observed on the second Sunday in May. (in the US, at least).

According to NRF study, 84 percent of Americans planned to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2022, and expenditure on the holiday is expected to reach about $250 per person.

Although flowers and greeting cards are consistently popular gifts, there are plenty of opportunities for brands in other industries, including apparel and accessories, home goods, and technology.

And with 36% of Mother’s Day customers planning to purchase presents online, e-commerce businesses cannot afford to miss this occasion.

What is the ideal approach for your Mother’s Day email marketing campaign?

Reminding clients that Mother’s Day present delivery deadlines are rapidly approaching is one practical strategy, like The Sill did in this April email illustration:

That doesn’t even bear thinking about, so nobody wants to forget Mother’s Day.

You’re not only advertising your goods when you remind your audience to do something; you’re also doing a great deal of good for society.


7. Monki: Make the most of graduation celebrations

Furthermore, there are yet more significant retail occasions to come, including a sequence of dates related to high school and college commencement.

April is the best month to start marketing grad-related messaging because May and June are when most US colleges host their graduation ceremonies.

According to research by the NRF, gift cards, clothing, and technology are the most popular items that Americans want to buy for recent high school and college graduates.

Graduation isn’t only about giving gifts, though. Graduating students are (understandably) eager to celebrate their accomplishments, thus many will be searching for party attire for the event.

Which explains why there was an increase in “party attire” search traffic in late April and early March:

One company that is cognizant of this trend is Monki.

It distributed an email in April 2022 asking users to “dress for the occasion,” before mentioning garden parties and graduation dinners:

With Drip, you can improve your email marketing all year long.

Email marketing involves a lot of time-consuming tasks, such as developing assets and writing catchy copy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were quicker and simpler to create stunning emails that work?

It turns out you only need Drip in your corner to make it happen.

Our platform offers the data, insights, and personalization tools you need to hit your revenue goals out of the park while assisting you in creating on-brand emails that stand out.

Naturally, I don’t expect you to believe me.


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